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Production and storage-administrative building in Iliyantsi- west – Nadezhda district, city of Sofia 

Repairs of sloping roof above premises of a canteen and a kitchen of the official operating block in Ihtiman compressor station; 

Construction of temporary facility GIS Bogdanliya located in crane unit Bogdanliya of the main water pipeline; 

Production hall Ravno pole – zero cycle and drainage

Cleaning and provision of the conductivity of the Suhodolska River in the section from Lomsko Shosse Blvd. to the railway line Sofia – Varna with length of 900m

Design and construction of an uncovered storehouse for pipes – CS Ihtiman

Demolition of a building on the corner between Dondukov Blvd. and Budapest Street

Strengthening structures and emergency rehabilitation works of protective facility of gas conduit deviation of Automated Gas Distribution Station Septemvri at passing the Maritsa River

Vertical leveling storehouse Buhovo

Repairs of metal storehouse RMS Yana

Emergency repairs of existing strengthening structures and rehabilitation works with district of Botevgrad of Bulgargaz EAD

Repairs of Automated Gas Distribution Station Belovo;

Potable water supply of the workshops of TITAN plant – Zlatna Panega

Reconstruction and current repairs of building fund of CS Ihtiman

Demolition of a building in Budapest street

Beglezh gas pipeline treatment plant – reconstruction

Repairs of an operators’ building with a workmen’s shelter PEB Stara Zagora

Division of TLV from LV Product conduits – PEB Ihtiman 

Repairs approach Automated Gas Distribution Station Septemvri and NUP Zhivkovo

Canal car-wash - Unipharm

Building customs house PEB Ihtiman

Repairs of premises administrative building CS Ihtiman

Fencing Malashevtsi

PEB Plovdiv – Repairs of buildings electric power substation with a workmen’s shelter and a repair workshop

PEB town of Ihtiman – Repairs of a roof and a building of a control admission point

PEB town of Stara Zagora – Repairs of reinforced concrete basins

Production and economic base (PEB) town of Ihtiman – Repairs of pumping premises

Coffee factory town of Bozhurishte – basin 100m3, neutralizer, retention reservoir, drilling shaft and connection;

CS Ihtiman – Storehouse for pipes emergency stocks

Construction of drainage and catchment shaft village of Gortalovo, municipality of Pleven;

CS Petrich – reconstruction of the roof of electric transmissive area

CS Ihtiman – reconstruction of the roof of electric transmissive area

Repair of production workshop VOTAN LTD

Auto-mechanical workshop, substation and storehouse premises – reconstruction of the roof – underground gas depository Chiren

Strengthening structures of landslide at the village of Strupets, municipality of Roman

Rehabilitation of strengthening structure over the Bebresh River;

Protective facility over the Maritsa River;

Hydraulic structure over the Struma River;

Overhead passage of gully at the village of Slavovitsa;

Repairs of roof of LILIA – S Factory, town of Svoge;

Compressor station Ihtiman;

Furniture factory, village of Petkovo;

Expansion of substation Sofia - West;

Reconstruction of the Chocolate Confectionery Plant, town of Svoge – Kraft Jacobs Suchard – Bulgaria JSC:

- Reconstruction of Kavemil workshop;

- Reconstruction of the Main block;

- Retaining wall at the entrance of K. J. S. – Bulgaria JSC;

- Reconstruction of ammonia department;

- Vertical leveling around the ready-made production storehouse;

Diagnostic hall – garage Republica Sofia;

Reconstruction of Vishneva stop - Sofia;

Trolleybus depot – district of Levski

Reconstruction of commercial base – Yana station:

- Fuels terminal;

- Storehouse -4;

- Spherical storehouses;

- Repairs of an administrative building;

- Steam and boiler premises;

- Repairs of roofs;

- Vertical leveling;

- Internal and external water supply and sewerage;

- Garage and workshop;

- Petrol station;