Production base Elin Pelin Back

Designer: City Cav LTD and SP Lucky – Veneta Georgieva

Location: Elin Pelin Station

Term of execution: 18 months - under construction

Floor built-up area: 2009 m2

Area: 5490 m2 

Distribution: The production base consists of an administration building, production premises, a repair workshop with garages, a metal storehouse, sheds and garage cells.

Description of the activities:

Rough construction – Reinforcement, concrete, masonry, reinforcement, shuttering works, waterproofing and heat insulation of foundations. The external exposed walls are with brick masonries and thermal sandwich panels. The roofs are concrete, protected with the needed heat insulations and waterproofing. Metal structures for purlins and heat insulation panels.

Architectural-construction works – Reinforced concrete and metal structure, masonry, external and internal pavements, knauf partition stander walls, gypsum plaster, as well as painting with latex on walls and ceilings, metal, wooden and aluminum joinery.

Engineering systems and infrastructure – all the building networks and systems.

Improvement and landscaping of the space surrounding the building.

Execution: In conformity with the construction schedule.

Status of the Project: Under construction