Reconstruction Graphobal Bulgaria, town of Svoge Back

Employer: Grafobal Bulgaria JSC

Designer: Vessela Georgieva, MSc. Аrch.

Location: Town of Svoge

Term under the Contract: 8 months

Term of execution: 8 months

Budget: In conformity with agreed financial parameters.

Excess over the budget: None

Distribution: Industrial and storage halls No 2 and No 3, consisting of individual premises: entrance lounge and a sanitary unit, compartment for die, offset machines room, corridors and staircases, clients’ materials storehouse, basic materials storehouse, ready-made production storehouse, spare pars materials, a sanitary unit and dressing rooms for the administration building.

Floor built-up area: 3530m2

Vertical leveling: Asphalting of approaches and loading – unloading grounds.

Description of the activities: Overall reconstruction of production and storage halls No 2 and No 3. Pre-wall sheathing of walls and triple painting with latex, oil painting on metal surfaces, dismounting of wooden and metal joinery and mounting of aluminum joinery, making faience lining, breaking up of mosaics and making terracotta lining, suspended ceiling with heat insulation, gypsum plaster, water supply system of galvanized pipes, mixing taps, supply and assembly of a steel structure, patching the base under self-pouring pavement and laying a new one. Welded reinforcement networks and ground concrete pavement, laying roof waterproofing of two layers with voalit of 4 mm and without backfilling was placed for the floor of the hall. Making of a metal structure for the partition walls, minimization of a metal structure.

Focus: Execution of reconstruction of an industrial hall with improvement of the energy effectiveness by means of covering the building with thermal panels and decrease of the height of the working premises via a suspended ceiling.

Execution: Excellent quality without any remarks.

Status of the Project: Permit for Commissioning.