Pipes Storehouse Emergency Reserve, Underground Gas Storage Chiren Back

Employer: Bulgartransgas EAD

Designer: Chimcomplect Engineering JSC

Location: Underground Gas Storage Chiren 

Term under the Contract: 175 calendar days

Term of execution: 175 calendar days

Budget: In conformity with agreed financial parameters

Excess over the budget: None 

Distribution: Covered storehouse for pipes with a portal crane and a storehouse for palletized materials.

Floor built-up area: 950 m²

Vertical leveling: Asphalt pavement, sidewalks, curbs.

Description of the activities: Preliminary research, elaboration of an investment design – phase detailed design, coordination of the designs, construction and assembly works in conformity with the individual parts of the design, development of executive and as-built documentation, cadastre survey;

Focus: Assembly of a metal structure in a functioning enterprise working with natural gas.

Execution: Excellent quality without any remarks. 

Status of the Project: Functioning, Written Statement of Ascertainment for the establishment of the appropriateness of the construction for acceptance of 11.08.2009.