Emergency gas aggregate 750 kVa for Underground Gas Storage Chiren Back

Employer: Bulgartransgas EAD

Designer: Bulgartransgas EAD – for gas pipeline to gas aggregate

Chimcomplect Engineering JSC – for gas aggregate

Location: Underground Gas Storage Chiren

Term under the Contract: 115 calendar days

Term of execution: 115 calendar days

Budget: In conformity with agreed financial parameters.

Excess over the budget: None

Vertical leveling: Concrete sidewalk.

Description of the activities: Activities were implemented per Part Construction Structures, Electric Power Supply, ATP. Construction and assembly works, inclusive of rе-survey of an existing route of 2 nos. of cables.

Focus: Putting of an energy site into operation.

Execution: Excellent quality without any remarks.

Status of the Project: Functioning, Written Statement of Ascertainment for the establishment of the appropriateness of the construction for acceptance of 13.08.2009.