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Rehabilitation of landslide section of a road in the village of Ryahovtsite, Municipality of Sevlievo;

Distribution gas pipeline Bread Articles - Poduyane

Water supply village of Gurmazovo

Farming road village of Gabrovnitsa

Execution of repair works on elimination of failures along the water supply system network in the region of Water Supply and Sewerage EOOD, town of Pleven: 

- Emergency water supply system, town of Slavyanovo

- Passage under the bridge of the Vit River

- Emergency repair thruster town of Gulyantsi and the village of Milkovo

- Emergency repair thruster village of Breste, municipality of Cherven Bryag

Replacement of asbestos cement by metal water supply system – town of Bankya;

Emergency water supply system – district of Knyazhevo, city of Sofia; 

Water supply of the village of Bachevo and the village of Godlevo; 

- Water catchment of the Strane River,

- Laying of РЕ pipes to the village of Bachevio – 5350m,

- Pressure water basin V=500 m3,

- Laying of РЕ pipes to the village of Godlevo – 2700m;

Pressure water basin 1500 m3 - Buhovo; 

Water supply town of Buhovo; 

Water supply – village of Ranislavtsi; 

Water supply – town of Vakarel;