the Lesnovska River, territory of Dolni Bogrov, Sofia Municipality Back

Employer: Executive Hydrotechnical Melioration Agency

Designer: Vodproekt EAD

Location: Lesnovska River in the area of Dolni Bogrov

Term under the Contract: 4 months

Term of execution: 4 months

Budget: In conformity with agreed financial parameters

Excess over the budget: None

Distribution: 9 nos. of fractures of left-hand dyke of the Lesnovska River in the territory of the village of Dolni Bogrov

Description of the activities: Extraction of deposits, recovery of dykes with compacted clay, formation of slopes and rocking.

Focus: Rehabilitation of river dykes in emergency situation under several aggravated conditions. Period November - February.

Execution: Excellent quality without any remarks.

Status of the Project: Permit for Commissioning.