Sewerage of the village of Ryahovtsite, municipality of Sevlievo Back

Employer: Municipality of Sevlievo

Designer: Metodi Andreev Indzhov, MSc. Eng., reg. No 05813

Location: Village of Ryahovstite, municipality of Sevlievo

Term under the Contract: 2 years 4 months

Term of execution: 2 years 4 months

Budget: In conformity with agreed financial parameters.

Excess over the budget: None

Distribution: Street network village of Ryahovtsite

Description of the activities: Building up of sewerage of main branch lines from І to V.

Length of the pipes laid and sewerage: 6365 l. m. from ф 160 to ф 800

Excavation, embankment and construction and assembly works; laying a sewerage of PVC pipes and corrected polyethylene; inspection pits, street flow-offs, rehabilitation of asphalt pavement, making storm-water overflow spillways.

Focus: Strengthening and un-strengthening of excavations, building up of sag pipes, intersection of existing underground communications and optimization of the movement during in a populated area.

Execution: Excellent quality without any remarks.

Status of the Project: Рermit for Commissioning of 15.12.2008.