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Replacement of control admission point BNT

Restructuring of AvtoTransService

Underground parking lot over metro station Serdica

Office of Insurance and Rе-Insurance Joint-Stock Company Allianz Bulgaria in the town of Pazardzhik

Sofia Airport Lot В 1 – laying of copper and cast-iron pipes

Roof of the Ray (Paradise) Hotel

Office of Commercial Bank Allianz Bulgaria АD, 11, Gotse Delchev Blvd.

Repair works on vertical leveling of Insurance and Rе-Insurance Joint-Stock Company Allianz Bulgaria, Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd.

Multiprofile Active Treatment Hospital Doverie, district of Ovcha Kupel 2

Cleaning of roofs and dismantling of panels Multiprofile Active Treatment Hospital Doverie

Repair of 4 premises State Veterinary Sanitary Control

Office of Commercial Bank Bulgaria Invest – city of Sofia

Cooperative market of the town of Kostinbrod;

Removal of buildings under project for storage base Iliyantsi of OMV Bulgaria;

Repair of premises in an administration building and laboratory – site No 1 and site No 2 of the Regional Veterinary Medical Service, town of Kostinbrod

Reconstruction of a tower for aerials of an airport radio location complex – Bourgas airport

Reconstruction of a tower for aerial of an airport radio location complex – upper site of Sofia Airport – Air Traffic Organization Directorate;

Installation of SVOR – village of Golyama Brestnitsa;

Temporary Universal Municipal Market in quarter 16, I microarea of housing estate of Lyulin;

United Air Traffic Control Center of Sofia Airport: 

- Passable installation collector of Air Traffic Control; 

- External water supply and sewerage systems; 

- Feeding cable 6 kv; 

- Fire protection of metal structure; 

- Dewatering of roofs; 

- Sewerage collector ф1200 IV stage;

- Fencing southern region Air Traffic Control

Monolithic transformer station Elin Pelin station; 

Reconstruction and repairs of Mother and Child House village of Tarnava and village of Borovan; 

Forestry Aramliets – repairs of roads and hunting house; 

Credit Bank АD – Ilientsi branch 

Storage base of NC of the BRC village of Lozen; 

Branch of Credit Bank АD – town of Svoge; 

Repairs of a kindergarten – village of Novi Han;

Temporary administrative building of the Bulgarian Red Cross;

Workshop with the Secondary Polytechnic School of Agriculture – town of Ihtiman;

Reconstruction of a school – village of Novi Han;

Reconstruction of a school – village of Stolnik;