Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment - Doverie Back

Employer: Industrial Holding Doverie

Designer: Betonintellect – Hristozov, MSc. Аrch.

Location: District Ovcha Kupel 2 

Term of execution: 18 months

Budget: In conformity with agreed financial parameters.

Excess over the budget: None

Distribution: Specific distribution, satisfying the requirements for a hospital institution, administrative managerial level, reception wards with consulting rooms, laboratory premises and parking areas.

Floor built-up area: 8007m2

Vertical leveling: Asphalt pavement, sidewalk plates, curbs, retaining wall, and children’s playground.

Description of the activities: The Project represents completion of a building erected in conformity with a prefabricated method. Construction and assembly works in the Parts Architecture, Metal Structures, Water Supply and Sewerage, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, External Electric Power Supply and Road Connections; Elevators – Mechanical & Technology Part, Aluminum Joinery, Structural Cabling, Finishing Works on Blocks ”А”, ”В” and „С” as masonry, plasters and ground coats were executed. Dry construction, floor PVC pavements, cold linings of the Etalbond type, façade aluminum joinery as well as roof insulations were executed.

Focus: Specific construction solution for the execution of the nuclear magnetic resonance.

Execution: Excellent quality without any remarks.

Status of the Project: Permit for occupation No SТ – 12 – 493

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