Superstructure of OFFICE BUILDING RLP (Regulated Land Property) XVIII-1141, quarter 9, locality of Druzhba-II part, city of Sofia Back

Employer: Bulgarian – American Property Management EOOD

Designer: Agrostil EOOD

Location: City of Sofia, RLP ХVІІІ – 1141, quarter 9, location of Druzhba, 2nd Part

Term under the Contract: 96 days

Term of execution: 92 days

Budget: In conformity with agreed financial parameters.

Excess over the budget: None 

Distribution: An office floor was superstructured, which completely repeats as geometry and conception the existing ones. The floor consists of office premises, server corridor, toilets, ausguss sink. The access is through the existing elevator and staircase. The structure of the superstructure is reinforced concrete.

Floor built-up area: 600 m²

Vertical leveling: Extra 12 parking lots were erected for the satisfaction of the needs of the workers, with parking elements – grid bodies 60 / 80 / 10 – 150 m², 250 m² of asphalt were laid, sidewalk plates – 55 m, landscaping – 100 m².

Description of the activities: Rough construction – Reinforcement, concrete, shuttering works, making of masonry, insulations were executed. Architectural-construction works – pavement with bastard granite, knauf partition stander walls, gypsum plaster, as well as painting with latex on walls and ceilings, suspended raster ceilings. All the building networks and systems were executed.

Focus: Superstructure of a functioning office building without interruption of the main activities under winter conditions.

Execution: Excellent quality without any remarks

Status of the Project: Written Statement of Ascertainment for the establishment of the appropriateness of the construction for acceptance.

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