Administration – commercial residential building district of Dragalevtsi Back


Designer: МPМ PROEKT LTD – Radosveta Edreva, MSc. Eng.

Location: City of Sofia, RLP Х-1259, 1457, quarter 132, locality of Dragalevtsi, expansion North – Part 2.

Term under the Contract: 18 months

Term of execution: 18 months

Budget: In conformity with agreed financial parameters.

Excess over the Budget: None

Distribution: Residential building with shops, offices, apartments, ateliers, sports halls and a spa center.

Floor built-up area: 11 059 m2

Description of the activities: Rough construction – excavation, concrete, masonry, reinforcement, formworks with Peri system, waterproofing and heat insulation foundations, making a flat and sloping roof with included roof insulations in conformity with detail. Architectural-construction works – interior and decorative elements, external and internal pavements, external heat insulation EPS 6 cm with decorative plaster and stone lining along façade. Engineering systems and infrastructure – all the building networks and systems. Improvement and landscaping of the space surrounding the building.

Focus: Execution at two underground levels with optimized use of the construction plot, by means of strengthening the property limits with diaphragm reinforced concrete walls and protective waterproofing of the foundations and the bentonite walls.

Execution: Excellent quality without any remarks.

Status of the Project: А14 – Structure acceptance statement