Residential building with offices, ateliers and underground garages Back

Employer: Prima Build LTD

Designer: Lyuba Lukova, MSc. Аrch.

Location: City of Sofia, 10, Cherni Lom Str., RLP XII-14, 15

Term under the Contract: 14 months

Term of execution: 14 months

Budget: In conformity with agreed financial parameters.

Excess over the budget: None

Distribution: The building consists of cellars, auxiliary premises and underground garages for 10 motorcar vehicles in the basement, offices on the ground floor and on the floor above the ground one, three floors with 10 nos. of residences and two attic floors, two floors with ateliers.

Floor built-up area: 1864, 56 m2

Vertical leveling: Sidewalks of ground concrete pavement, a covered garage with electrically heatable ramp.

Description of the activities: Rough construction – excavation, concrete, masonry, reinforcement, formworks with Peri system, waterproofing and heat insulation foundations, protection of the waterproofing. The external exposure walls are with brick masonries, protected with heat insulation and treated with mineral silicon plasters. Architectural-construction works – The site was executed as a mixed, skeleton-beamless and beam structure, with a common foundation slab with thickness of the slab of 70 cm. The seismic efforts are undertaken by anti-seismic reinforced concrete washers and columns, located comparatively symmetrically in the building. External and internal pavements, knauf stander partition walls, gypsum plaster were placed; painting with latex on walls and ceilings was performed. Engineering systems and infrastructure – all the building networks and systems.

Focus: The western façade is broken up with partial layout of sheathing with natural wood and a suspended window display.

Execution: Excellent quality without any remarks.

Status of the Project: Permit for Commissioning.